What do our students say about "The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship"?
This isn't the first time we've offered training in how to "take control & have it all" in your business & personal life. 

And it will NOT be the last.

The "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" is a course we've been offering for about a year now. But, we've been developing the course principles for the better part of a decade.

The results speak for themselves. We hope you join us!

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Hunter Miller - Denver, CO - Elk Horn Painting

I was first introduced to these principles about 5 years ago. The impact has been the exponential growth in my company's’ revenue since we’ve begun implementing these principles. 

These results actually require less time than we used to put into our company's growth… yet they provide faster results. Simply put, these principles work.

These principles align with all aspects of your life & I’d say my relationships with people have improved. Especially when it comes to how I listen to people.

Fully commit yourself to it… do it, first of all, but really commit yourself to it. There is a big difference in “learning” this stuff… and actually going through the process of “discovering” how it can affect your life.

If you apply these concepts, I guarantee you’re going to see a difference. It’s impossible not to. Commit yourself.

Jane Fortier - Westminster, SC

I wanna say it was about 6 months ago when I first started in the "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship."

I did it because I really needed to learn how to manage my time, and thought it would be a good idea to be able to join a group and talk to people in a similar situation .

I know for sure that if I didn’t take the course, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.

I guess, realizing that so many others were going through the same things I was going through really helped connect the dots.
I keep making goals, and I keep putting things into play one item at a time. 

At the same time, I don’t rush anything. 

I’ve learned to make time for ‘life’ so that I’m no longer attached to my desk.  

At some point during the course, everything came together, and all of a sudden I just had an awakening. It’s hard to describe.
There are a ton of tiny pieces of the course that you just have to work through so that it fits your life.
If you really immerse yourself in this course, one day, everything just clicks, and all of a sudden you just start believing: “I can do this…”

Ben Landusky - Fort Collins, CO - National Painting Group

I’ve been working on these principles for 9 years now .

Taking the view point that I have complete control over my life, no matter what, has really been a game changer.

Because of the things taught in this course, I am a business owner that works on his business, not in his business.

For example, when a problem happens, I search for solutions to prevent them from happening again.. instead of just fixing a problem whenever it comes up. This proactivity helps ensure I’m not a slave to my phone.

I'm able to actually be present in my life.
The principles in this course are incredible, and I continue to practice them daily.

But what I found is, which is why I’m so in love with these distinctions, these principles really carry over to how you view and value yourself.
So, there’s nothing to lose. Jump in and learn some new stuff.

Consider that you don’t know it all.
And that there’s something else out there that you can access.
And this course has that, and can have that for you if you decide to take it on.

Mason Marquis - Dallas, TX

I took the course around July 2018, and I signed up for Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship because I was reaching a point with my business where I was getting really busy & overwhelmed. 

The course seemed like it would provide me with some good tools to structure my life.

There have been a lot of powerful things taught in the course, but the most powerful would have to be the 4 Rules of Time management, which I have posted on my refrigerator.

I always schedule my week, I never waste my time wondering what I forgot or what I have to do.
I've gained a lot of peace of mind from always writing down my schedule. Just by using that, I've eliminated the worry that comes with trying to remember what it is I have to do.

I was shocked by the actual content of the course though. I thought this course was going to about structuring my day-to- day as a business owner, but it’s really actually about cultivating the best mindset for all areas of life…

It’s really about creating powerful habits.I would say, it’s a great value for what you’re getting.
There’s a ton of useful information.

Stephanie Collins - Sugarland, TX

I started the course 8 weeks ago, and I enrolled because I really needed a better sense of grounding in what I was doing. And this course has far exceeded those expectations.

The most powerful thing I’ve learned is the true meaning of integrity.
I mean there’s a lot of great things in here, but the integrity, for me… it made me realize that my word affects everything I do & everyone around me.

Also, it’s helped me to sit back & listen.

Instead of interrupting people, I let them completely finish before I say anything.With my kids. I want to help my kids.
I want to help them be the best they can be. I used to jump to conclusions thinking that I know what’s right.
I’ve found (with the help of the course) that a lot of times, if you let someone talk out their issue, they’ll find their own solution.
And before (the course) I wasn’t allowing people to find their own solution. I was just jumping in & trying to give it to them.

(If you take the course)You will come out a better person for yourself, and everyone else around you.
There were a couple of topics that made me look in the mirror & realize that I didn’t like what I saw.
But the course provided the solutions I needed to fix that.

Zeb Van Pelt - Fort Collins, CO - Foothills Painting

I’ve been working on these principles for about a year and a half now.

Before this, I would just run around carrying a lot of thoughts in my head, and it was causing a lot of stress.

But, (because of the course)I’ve learned time management, and how to really start separating work & personal life. Especially when it comes to how to manage my calendar.  

I've also learned that thoughts are just thoughts, and that dwelling on my thoughts really stopped me from taking the action I needed. Now, I just set it aside… as a result, I’m able to actually be present with whomever I’m with. 
Also, these principles become more exciting with time. Yeah, you get immediate results when you start applying things like the 4 rules of time management. But as time goes on, you learn more about yourself… you change what doesn’t work with your lifestyle… and you keep what does. 
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